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The Full Story


Welcome to Lucy's Bakeshop. We are an online bakery located in the Triangle area of NC. We're supposed to put something about our history here but we haven't even opened yet. So, Lucy's Bakeshop has no history. Personally, I have been baking since I was a child and loved it so much that I went to pastry school. I was the only one in pastry school that would eat raw cookie dough (I mean...quality control). After pastry school, I did what most people would do and went into computer programming. After many years, I started teaching American history and the Constitution to homeschool kids and eventually opened this bakeshop that has absolutely no history.

Lucy's Bakeshop is named after our precious dog, Lucy, who we named after Lucy Ricardo (Lucille Ball) because she had red hair and seemed to get into mischief. Our branding marries our dog, Lucy, with our love for the 1940s and 1950s when life was simpler, people were more thankful, and America was freer and more patriotic.

Lucy Ricardo Cookies (Retro).jpg

Menu Items

Lucy’s Bakeshop gets inspiration for its menu items, first and foremost, from our precious Lucy. This can be seen items like the Lucy Ricardo (our peanut butter cookie - she loved peanut butter). After her, our menu items are inspired by 40s and 50’s celebrity personalities, television characters, songs, movies, etc. Additionally, we offer seasonal items as well as Valentine’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, July 4th, Constitution Day, Halloween, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas items.

About Lucy

The namesake of our bakeshop, Lucy, is our precious little girl of 11 years. Her original owner threw her off a truck on I-95. Thankfully, she survived and we were incredibly blessed that she became part of our family!!! We lost her in 2022 and miss her every day. All of our baked goods are for humans, with the exception of "Lucy Eleanors", which were her favorite. She would "help" me make them and always licked the beater. The cookies are most definitely Lucy approved!


Our branding and some of our signature items are in her honor.

Photo of Lucy
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